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Application scope of diamond saw blade

The author:Liuhong Diamond Tools Co., Ltd Date:2019/5/8 Click:636
Core tips:When processing copper, zinc, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, the materials are easy to adhere to cutting tools and difficult to process.
(1) Processing of refractory non-ferrous metal materials
When processing copper, zinc, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals and their alloys, the materials are easy to adhere to cutting tools and difficult to process. Because of the low friction coefficient and low affinity with non-ferrous metals, diamond cutting tools can effectively prevent metal from bonding with cutting tools. In addition, because of the large elastic modulus of diamond, small deformation of cutting edge and small extrusion deformation of cutting nonferrous metals, the cutting process can be completed under small deformation, thus improving the surface quality.
(2) Processing of refractory non-metallic materials
When processing difficult-to-machine non-metallic materials containing a large number of high hardness particles, such as glass fiber reinforced plastics, silicon-filled materials and carbon fibers/epoxy resin composites, the hardness of the materials makes the tool worn seriously. It is difficult to process with cemented carbide tools, while the diamond tools have high hardness and good wear resistance, so the processing efficiency is high.
(3) Ultra-precision machining
With the advent of modern integrated technology, machining is developing towards high precision, which puts forward high requirements for tool performance. Because of the small friction coefficient, low thermal expansion coefficient and high thermal conductivity of diamond, it can cut very thin chips, the chips are easy to flow out, its affinity with other materials is small, it is not easy to produce chip tumors, its calorific value is small, and its thermal conductivity is high, which can avoid the influence of heat on the cutting edge and workpiece. Therefore, the cutting edge is not easy to passivate, the cutting deformation is small, and a high quality surface can be obtained.
(4) Particleboard woodworking
The cutting performance of traditional carbide saw blades is difficult to satisfy in large-scale woodworking operations, especially for high-density and high-hardness hard-to-process sheets such as particleboard, density board and anti-double special board. PCD composite diamond saw blade has become the cutting tool of the hardest material and the leader of woodworking dry cutting tool. Its super-hard performance and durable wear resistance are the stars of woodworking material. Diamond saw blade, Vickers hardness 10000HV, strong acid resistance, hard edge passivation, good one-time forming quality of processed wood, high wear resistance, more wear-resistant than cemented carbide. The continuous working time of cutting density board, wood floor, veneer panel and so on can reach 300-400 hours, and the maximum time of using scrap can reach 4000 hours per blade. Compared with carbide blade, the service life is longer, and the processing efficiency and accuracy are to meet the requirements of the best quality.

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