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Preservation method of diamond saw blade

Answer:Diamond saw blades are widely used and play an important role in various fields of social construction. Therefore, many users are not very familiar with the use and preservation of diamond saw blades, which will affect the performance and usage time of saw blades. The following points have attracted the attention of customers. The 45 steel of diamond saw blade's matrix, in a specific environment, such as humid air, containing acid gas or alkaline substances in the air, will lead to accelerated oxidation corrosion of the saw blade surface, which will rust before use. Therefore, the saw blade should not be placed in the above environment, and should be sealed up when stored in a dry place. For larger diameter saw blades (diameter more than 300 mm), it is better to coat the surface with oil during storage, so that the quality and performance of the saw blades will not decline. Some diamond saw blades are relatively thin, mainly used in special places, and the strength of the matrix is relatively weak. Therefore, during storage, the saw blades can not be stacked, let alone put items above, in order to avoid the deformation of the saw blade and affect the use effect.

How to grind marble with diamond grinder

Answer:The grinding process of marble mainly includes the following steps: rough grinding, semi-fine grinding, fine grinding and fine grinding. In these steps, diamond grinding discs of different sizes are used. In the course of rough grinding, the roughest grinding disc is required to achieve the maximum grinding speed, so that the grinding efficiency is the highest and processing time is saved. However, the surface effect of this process is very rough, the smoothness of stone surface has been improved very well, and the preliminary forming has been in place. The second process is semi-fine grinding, which is to remove rough texture and further improve the surface smoothness. The third step is to grind fine. After grinding with very fine diamond grinding discs, the texture of marble can be clearly displayed. At the same time, the surface is glossy and delicate. The last step is to grind, at this time to choose the finest diamond grinding, after fine grinding, to achieve no trace on the surface, stone texture is clear and visible, to have a good degree of relevance.

Classification of diamond saw blades

Answer:Diamond saw blades are used more and more widely in the high-speed development of China's economy. There are stone processing enterprises involved, especially in the real estate industry. The decoration and processing of diamond saw blades should be used frequently. This paper introduces the shape classification and application occasions of diamond saw blades. Because it can be easily classified according to its shape, there are mainly several kinds: 1. Cutter-head saw blade, because its saw teeth are broken 2, continuous edge saw blade; the above three points are the classification of diamond saw blade according to its shape. 3. Turbine saw blade, because its saw teeth are turbine-shaped.

Use Skills of Diamond Saw Blades

Answer:Diamond saw blades have many skills when they are used. These skills can help us to use diamond saw blades better. Next, we will introduce the skills of using diamond saw blades for you. 1. Vacancy: Especially when the new matrix is first used, it takes about 30 minutes to idle, and water to idle in summer high temperature season. The purpose is to further eliminate the influence of welding tool head on the matrix and enhance the memory of internal quality of saw blade under high speed rotation. 2. Raw materials shall not be less than 0.5m3, and shall be placed safely. The bottom shall be padded with square wood, and the stuffing shall be firm. Raw materials shall be located in the symmetrical position of the worktable to ensure the stability of the worktable car and the waste materials, and there shall be no shaking and shaking. 3. The use skills of diamond saw blade can adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of waste material to make the lift of saw blade and the travel of feeding truck within a reliable and effective range. Before sawing, the blade edge should leave the scrap material up to 10-20 mm. After sawing, the distance between the saw blade and the bottom of the waste material should be 20-40 mm. Before the sawing blade runs left and right, all the sawing blades should be removed from the waste material sawing edge, and the distance should not be less than 150-200 mm, so as to prevent the sawing blade from hitting the waste material. 4. Saw blades can be cut after idling stabilization. Saw blades are not allowed to start when the blade is in contact with scrap material. Saw blades are not allowed to stop turning during cutting, and can stop turning only after withdrawing from the saw blade. 5. If the scrap is found to be swaying during cutting, the cutting should be stopped immediately. After the scrap is fixed firmly, it can continue to work. During cutting, no scrap is allowed to move arbitrarily. 6. When cutting, it is found that the saw blade has obvious deceleration or even clamping phenomenon, which may be caused by belt slipping, loosening of pressing nut or too deep cutting depth, too fast cutting speed and so on. It should be adjusted in time. 7. Linear speed should be adapted to the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone. It is suggested that different types of stone should be cut at the following line speed. Tip: Increasing the cutting efficiency will reduce the life of saw blade when the online speed is not high. 8. The use skills and feed speed of diamond saw blade mainly depend on the performance of processing materials. For each material, when the cutting depth is fixed, there is a certain range of feed speed. If the speed is too high, it will accelerate the wear and tear of diamond, even fall off, resulting in too fast consumption of saw blade, and if the speed is too low, it will make the self-sharpening process of saw blade unable to proceed normally, thus "grinding blunt, skidding". ” Loss of cutting ability. Generally speaking, the feed speed should be slow when cutting in and even when sawing. For common typical materials, when the cutting depth is 20 mm, the following feed speed table is recommended for your reference. When the thickness changes, the cutting speed can be converted according to the cutting area (cm2/min). 9. The use of diamond saw blade skills, cutting depth for medium hardness stone such as marble, limestone can be cut thoroughly at one time, for hard stone and abrasive large such as granite, sandstone should be cut step by step, single saw cutting granite, cutting depth is generally 10-20 mm, cutting marble cutting depth is 50-100 mm, multiple double-sided cutting hard granite, each cutting depth. For 3-5mm, it should be based on the hardness of stone, the performance of saw blade and saw machine. The following efficiency table is recommended for your reference. 10. The direction of rotation of saw blade is the same as the direction of feed of stone. Conversely, it is the reverse cutting. In the reverse cutting, there is an upward vertical component force, which makes the stone possible. Therefore, in order to stabilize the stone, the forward cutting should be adopted as far as possible under the same conditions. When reverse cutting is used, the cutting depth will be reduced to 1/3-1/2 of forward cutting.

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